My philosophy

During my work in dance pedagogy the last years, I have developed a philosophy that consists of some general guiding principles for myself and for my students:

The greater teacher is your self and your own body. You only need to constantly devote time on self(body) awareness.

Stay in a constant research of yourself and of other people by being curious about your body and its relation to others and the society.

Challenge and rediscover your senses throughout sensitivity.

Question your every day movement habits, and all the given answers of the society about the body, right or wrong behavior, social rules and conventions. Put it all in question, discover your own truth and then question it again.

Allow yourself to play with the seriousness and the joy that children do.

Keep discovering  the unlimited knowledge and the poetry that is hidden in your body through the search of meaning in meaninglessness and vice versa.

And last but not list. Live poetic, for poetry is the only cure from banality and dullness. This is what dance for me is at the moment, this is why I dance and this is why I want other people to dance.