Past projects

Projects as a dance pedagogue and choreographer:

  • “Wie bekloppt tanzen” inclusive dance project
    • An inclusive dance project in collaboration with Lebenshilfe Berlin. The subject of the project was to experiment with several pedagogical methods and improvisation of inclusive dance and expression with the body. The project was performed in a gala and participated in the Carnival of Cultures parade.
  • “Typisch schule” dance project
    • A project with a 4th grade students of a primary school in Berlin with a subject of a utopian school imagined by the children based on transcending their own experiences and ideas of the current school they were in.
  • “Kunterbunt tanzt kunterbunt” dance project
    • Contemporary creative dance project and performance with preschool children from three to six years old. The project is funded by “Chance Tanz” and is still running.
  • “Anpassungsprozesse” dance project
    • A dance project with refugee primary school children on the subject “adjustment on changes” and understanding the primary emotional, psychological and physical needs of the children. This is a work in process and the final performance is expected to be in the summer of 2017.
  • “DEFIN(D)ING” inclusive dance project
    • This projects aim was to research and challenge the culturally given definitions and categories. With a group of non/dancers of mixed abilities the artistic and pedagogical objective was to identify the social and psychological categories between the participants and to question them through experimental social encounters and movement research.
  • “How to find an end” collaborative dance project
    • A collaborative project of the topic of endings,when does an end begin and where does it end in life and in a performance.

      Projects as a dancer:

  • An inclusive street performance with Alito Alessi, 2015, Helsinki
    • A sight specific performance of an inclusive dance group consisting of several fragmented situations of compositions, performed in public space in Helsinki.
  • “Vulnerability” a contemporary dance performance project with Idan Yoav, 2014, Berlin
    • This performance was created from a research on vulnerability. The process consisted of expressing deeply personal and sometimes embarrassing emotions through movement of the everyday life, clothing and experimenting with voice.
  • A contemporary dance performance project with Chaim Geber, 2014, Berlin
    • A project researching the consciousness on limits of the body structure and the human skeleton through working on the mixture of martial arts and dance.
  • A contemporary dance performance project with Shy Faran, 2014, Berlin
    • The project consisted of a research combining bird migration, consciousness of the body and visual perception.
  • “Playing around” a contemporary dance performance project with Gisela Müller, 2013, Berlin
    • Several existing and improvised games translated into dance as a mean to understand a social process of forming a group and relating to other people.
  • “Pulse” a contemporary dance performance project with Jolika Sudermann, 2013, Berlin
    • A physical and psychological research process of the relation between rhythm and body. In concrete terms the project aimed to investigate how with a minimalist techno music beat, a uniform pulse, a group can create a rhythmic living organism consisting of diverse bodies.
  • “Coccygeal  – Heart – Bodies” a contemporary dance performance project with Lisa Kuttner, 2012, Wurzburg
    • The material for this performance was created through a movement research on the topic of braveness, but also the connection between the coccis and the heart.